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  • Criminal Law Attorneys

    Serving Nevada and California

Criminal Law

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State of Nevada v. Laurinda Drake

PTA mother charged with first degree kipnapping when she rescued a 6 year old boy from an open desert after he wandered off his public school’s elementary campus. Ms. Drake, a mother of four, returned the lost child in 90 minutes to the Clark County board of education building, and she publicly called out the district for not remedying the problem of kids wandering off school campus due to no hall monitors or crossing guards.

State of Nevada v. Tyrone White

Dismissed, Murder

State of Nevada v. Leonard Schwingdorf

Dismissed, Medical Marijuana


Julie Raye is a fierce defender of constitutional rights and has the undisputed reputation of caring for her clients and fighting harder than her opponents. Julie Raye was born and raised in Las Vegas, which has allowed her to develop strong relationships with local, state and federal prosecutors, judges and community leaders.

Friends and foes alike respect Julie Raye as an always prepared, well-spoken trial attorney who is a formidable opponent not afraid to fight and a passionate advocate who consistently goes the extra mile for her clients.

Founder - Julie Raye
I’m an 8 time convicted felon out of California. 8 prison terms. When I had met Julie Raye I had fired two attorneys already. She was very patient with me as I had a large chip on my shoulder. Ready to take on the world. Looking at two 10 to life sentences in Clark county, Las Vegas. No deals in sight. The first hearing with Julie allowed me to bail out with a one to five probationable sentencing date looming in the future. She told the judge and me that she believed in me. That she believed I would walk back into sentencing a changed man. Because of her sincerity I actually started to believe in me too. I decided to make a real life change. Because she believed in me. Went into sober living. Completed outpatient drug program. Got an N.A. sponsor. Went to meetings. Got a job. Opened up a buisness. It wasn’t easy. Nothing in life is easy. Not for me. 8 months later I walked into court. Julie was there. Gave me strength. I told the judge what I hade done. That it all started with Julie believing in me...I was granted...probation...a chance I didn’t have coming. Thank you Julie...I know you have a set of wings hidden somewhere.thank you...I won’t fail you. I have a life now!
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