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When you hire the Grace Law Firm, you are getting more than a legal advocate and counsel. Our team is dedicated to supporting women with some of the most complex matters that affect us as women. It is my honor to support you through this time in your life. Whether it be an injury, family or business matter, my team and I are here to support you.

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Attorney & Managing Partner

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MD. & Attorney
*Licensed in California

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Why Choose The Grace Law Firm?

Women face a myriad of legal issues throughout our lives and whether your're running a business, navigating changes in your family structure or have been involved in an accident, The Grace Law Firm is here to support and guide you.

Recent Reviews

Julie has helped me keep my family together and ultimately changed the outcome of my circumstances. I was being railroaded in court against my children's father and his lawyer for a year until Julie stepped in. Her first and ONLY court appearance for my family court case changed the tune. I went from almost losing custody of my second child and fighting to regain custody of my first, to sharing joint legal and physical custody. She fought for me to have 4 days and 4 nights and won! You've changed my life. I'm tearing up while writing this review being able to sit here with my daughters and my freedom and having YOU to thank for it.
Deborah Dixon is amazing and truly interested in fighting for her clients. I interviewed several attorneys prior to hiring Deborah, and looking back I definitely made the right choice. My case was complicated and she out-witted and out-performed the more "experienced" attorney we fought against. Many attorneys do what's best for their own financial benefit, not for their clients. This is not Deborah. Her interest were in line with mine throughout the legal process, and I can not say enough about her ethics, knowledge, and skill.
Deborah H.
I retained Julie to represent my son in a drawn out custody issue. From that moment on, we had a renewed faith in what felt like a failing system. She is a phenomenal attorney! Well respected, intelligent, always prepared, articulate, reliable, honest, ethical, and trustworthy! Those are only a few ways to describe her. She put the needs of my son and his daughter first, and was a blessing to our family. She not only fought for us, she fought for what was right. Her strong ethical compass and integrity that goes beyond measure, gave us the gift of peace of mind throughout the process. Best choice anyone could ever make!
Outstanding: There are very few things more stressful and concerning than the safety and well being of our children. From the onset of the first phone call we know we had found the correct team. Julie listens to your deepest concerns and tempers your highest aggravations. She has a way of alleviating your fears. Make no mistake, she is an absolute beast in your corner. Her knowledge and attention to detail is simply unparalleled. She knows when to compromise and when to strike. We did not have one, but rather two, highly sensitive custody battles. Julie and her team won them both. Julie and her team never wavered or stumbled. And I can assure you Julie and her team are extremely patient. Make no mistake and look no further, you can not do better. Just ask our opposing counsel.
Alex Viola

Grace Law Firm is dedicated to supporting women with some of the most complex matters that affect us as women. We will support you through this time in your life. Whether it be an injury, family or divorce issue, criminal defense or business matter, we are here for you. Our Offices are located in both Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California. Call us today!

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